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Maryland hands out grants to make coronavirus safety gear

Tim Curtis//April 28, 2020

Maryland hands out grants to make coronavirus safety gear

By Tim Curtis

//April 28, 2020

shields-330Maryland has given $1.6 million in grants to firms that began producing health care safety equipment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Maryland COVID-19 Emergency Relief Manufacturing Fund has awarded grants of up to $100,000 to 20 companies in the state that either pivoted or expanded their ability to produce personal protective equipment, the gear that includes face shields, gowns and masks.

Some companies also received the funding to help expand their production of parts for ventilators and respirators.

The $5 million program was created to encourage Maryland firms to produce the equipment in response to the need for protective equipment as the outbreak of the disease grew.

Personal protective equipment is being sought by just about every country in the world and every state, county, city and hospital is searching for ways to increase their supply. The equipment is needed for health care workers treating patients in hospitals and administering COVID-19 tests in the field. It is also needed for first responders and workers in constant contact with the public like grocery store workers and delivery workers.

These are the firms receiving funding and what they are manufacturing:

  • Awesome Ninja Labs: face shields
  • CoastTec: battery packs for Vyaire ventilators
  • CR Daniels: Face masks and gowns
  • DiPole Materials: Filters for medical masks and respirators
  • DVF Corporation: Plastic components of respirators
  • Fashions Unlimited: Surgical masks and protective gowns
  • Fabrication Events: Face masks, head coverings and other protective equipment
  • Harbor Designs: Ventilators
  • Hardwire, LLC: Face shields
  • K&W Finishing: Face shields
  • Key Technologies: Blower units for positive air pressure respirators
  • LAI International: Face shields
  • Manta BioFuels: Face shields
  • Marty’s Bag Works: Surgical masks, face shields and lightweight gowns
  • Nations Photo Lab: Face shields
  • NRL & Associates: Ventilators
  • Potomac Photonics: PPE visors
  • Rankin Upholstery: Masks, gowns and other protective equipment
  • Strouse: N-95 masks
  • X-Laser: Face shields


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