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Pandemic has magnified value of bar association

generation-jd-jessica-markhamIn preparation for blog posts, I am constantly jotting down ideas to work on in the future. Sometimes the ideas don’t get any traction in my mind, and a month or two later I simply delete them because they don’t work as a full post.

A few months ago I had lunch with the president-elect of the Montgomery County Bar Association. He asked me how and why the attorneys at my firm were so incredibly engaged in the bar association, as each one has a leadership role. I’ll save the answer for a different post, but what I jotted down after that lunch was “value of participating in the bar association.” That idea has been sitting on my to-do list for about five months.

The value of participating in the bar association has changed significantly for me in the last several weeks.

During this difficult time I have depended greatly on the bar association to help me decide what to do next. I’ve relied almost daily on the group to convey news about courthouse closures and policy changes.

Most important, despite all the cancellations, I have depended on the bar association to keep us connected. Whether we practice employment law or education law, whether we are at a small firm or a large firm or we are a solo practitioner, we are all in this together.

Being able to stay connected with my fellow attorneys has been extremely meaningful to me and it has been a privilege to witness a great deal of camaraderie, collegiality and professionalism throughout it all. The MSBA and the Montgomery County Bar Association help bring us together when we need them the most.


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  1. I’ve been quite impressed with the collegiality of my fellow members of the bar, as well as the professionalism of the bar association staff and leadership, both at the state (MSBA) and county (MoCo) levels.