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Civil litigation — Insufficient sentence — Restitution

On April 29, 2019, in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County, codefendants Jovan Roberts and Gregory Young each entered Alford pleas1 to a single count of robbing appellant Nyshiem Inmon. At this hearing, Mr. Inmon, through counsel, requested: 1) $986.39 in restitution for his stolen cell phone; 2) $1,559.00 in dental expenses related to an injury he sustained during the robbery; and 3) $6,532.65 in rental expenses as a result of him fleeing Maryland and abandoning his apartment following the robbery. After sentencing Young and Roberts to a term of imprisonment, the court awarded Mr. Inmon only $986.39 in restitution for his stolen cell phone. Mr. Inmon timely appealed …

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