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Md. high court reschedules oral arguments

Maryland’s top court will be rescheduling June oral arguments for September — the opening month of its 2020-2021 term —  in light of delays resulting from emergency efforts to stanch the viral spread of COVID-19.

As a result, the Court of Appeals will not be deciding those cases by Aug. 31, the last day of its current term, as is the high court’s custom under Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera, who ordered the rescheduling Monday. The attorneys in those cases originally scheduled for June will also have an additional three months to prepare.

The rescheduling of the June arguments had a domino effect. Appeals scheduled for September arguments will be heard in October and October arguments will be heard in November, Barbera ordered.

In her order, the chief judge appeared confident that the state of emergency wrought by COVID-19 will subside over the summer. Barbera did not state — as she had in prior emergency orders concerning April and May arguments  — that the arguments beginning in September would be held by video conference.





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One comment


    There must be more to this story which accounts for the rescheduling. Otherwise, the Court would simply hear the cases by video conference and get its work done by the end of August.