10things you can do now if business is slow


  • Update your bios – on your website, LinkedIn, Martindale/com, Avvo, Yelp.
  • Create a Facebook business page. Even if you’re a solo or an associate, you can create a professional page. Invite your friends.
  • Start a blog.
  • Start a professional newsletter. Mail Chimp or Constant Contact are the most popular hosting platforms.
  • Create a holiday or newsletter email contact list, or snail mail list of professional contacts.
  • Revamp your website. If you don’t control your page, ask if you can help write content.
  • Take an online CLE. Or 10.
  • Write an article for your bar association publications (state, local and specialty bar newspapers and magazines)
  • Organize! If you’re in your office solo or in your home office, clean, clean, clean it. Whether it’s the virtual files or the hard files. Everyone can use some spring cleaning time.
  • Consider new uses for video — vlogging how-to videos for the office, or social media posts. If you’re a young lawyer you should be able to test drive this for the first time easily.

When you’re slow, you have the chance to do all the things you never have time to do otherwise! Don’t waste it.