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BudKups supports free hand sanitizer donations for first responders

BudKups, a Maryland-based company making vaporizer accessories for use with the Pax vaporizer, is donating a portion of sales to support the production of much-needed hand sanitizer for frontline workers in the state, including Baltimore Firefighters local 734.

Its support will help ensure that donations of hand sanitizer may continue free of charge. Baltimore Firefighters local 734 has 1,285 members.

In collaboration with their sister company, Loveton Farms Distillery, BudKups is supporting the production and distribution of hand sanitizer to local first responders and Baltimore County Public School workers providing meals to children. The program grew after first responders took to social media to share the giveaway, amplifying production and the resources needed to take it into overdrive.

The effort began March 23 when the Food & Drug Administration and The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, lifted regulations on hand sanitizer production. Distilling facilities have pivoted to produce hand sanitizer using the formula published by the World Health Organization to aid with the global shortage on a local level.

Donations have also been made to surrounding businesses that remained open, including a veterinary clinic and day care.

At full capacity, Loveton Farms is able to make 50 gallons of hand sanitizer a month. The labor-intensive process involves fermenting grain and sugars, which have become short in supply. The formula requires the addition of glycerin and hydrogen peroxide to the distilled alcohol. The number of times alcohol needs to be distilled for hand sanitizer is related to the type of stills being used. They are better equipped as a vodka distiller because their stills can quickly produce alcohol potent enough for hand sanitizer.

Loveton Farms Distillery is not open to the public yet and has sacrificed its grand opening for the effort, using 80 percent of their stock to make the hand sanitizer.

BudKups moved operations to fully “work from home” March 16 ahead of the mandatory stay-at-home orders to maintain safety for people and products.


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