Donna Broadway-Callaman | Md. Department of IT

broadway-callaman-donna-md-dept-of-itThe Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT) hired Donna Broadway-Callaman as manager of community outreach for Maryland Relay, the free public service that allows people, unable to use a standard telephone, to both make and receive calls.

In this position, Ms. Broadway-Callaman will drive and oversee all efforts to raise public awareness for the programs and services managed by Telecommunications Access of Maryland (TAM), including Maryland Relay and the Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) program.

Before joining TAM, Ms. Broadway-Callaman served as an outreach liaison for the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. Earlier in her career, she has also worked for the Baltimore City Office of Child Support Services as a global outreach coordinator, a project specialist for several government contractors and as a reporter for the Baltimore Times and Montgomery County Sentinel.

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