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Ashley Keating

Assistant Manager
Cardiovascular Department,
Carroll Hospital

ashley-keatingAshley Keating became interested in a nursing career when she was 13 years old. Her sister Heather was a certified nursing assistant at an assisted living center near their home.

“I remember listening to her stories about taking care of her residents and absolutely loving it,” said Keating, assistant manager of the cardiovascular department at Carroll Hospital in Westminster. “After high school, I followed in her footsteps and worked at the same facility as a CNA. It was a wonderful experience that pushed me to enroll in nursing school.”

Keating has experience in many different medical offices and departments. While earning her associate’s degree in nursing at Frederick Community College, she said she learned from doctors and patients while working in a primary care office.

After receiving her degree and becoming a registered nurse, she worked for several years in the emergency department and recovering catheterization laboratory at St. Agnes Hospital before starting as a staff nurse at Carroll Hospital in 2014.

She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix and became team leader in her department three years later, then assistant manager in 2019, when she was named the hospital’s Nurse of the Year.

“Ashley’s compassion, hard work and expert knowledge make her a nurse that all patients trust and a co-worker that all colleagues admire,” said Stephanie Reid, chief nursing officer at the hospital.

“Ashley is truly the best of the best,” said Jim Ridge, executive director of the hospital’s cardiovascular and diagnostic imaging services. “She excels in patient care and continuously seeks opportunities to grow and help others in her field.”

Keating acknowledges that it is a difficult time to be a nurse but still loves her work. “I have a deep passion and a drive for nursing. I feel like I’ll never leave this job because I would miss helping people so much. Being the one who’s there for someone in their most vulnerable moment, it’s what gets me up in the morning.”

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