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Nia Williams

Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States
Newborn Care Center/Lactation Department

nia-head-shotWhen Nia Williams reflects on her nursing career, one of her fondest memories is working with nursing students. She used to ask them why they selected the career, and they could not say it’s because they wanted to help people.

“Helping people is a given,” Williams said. “I selected nursing because it offered an opportunity for a diverse professional journey. If you are driven and inspired to want more and do more, nursing is the best path to take.”

Williams landed what she calls her dream employer, Kaiser Permanente, in January 2017, starting as a newborn care nurse and lactation consultant. In February 2019, she was promoted to regional clinical operations manager with the Newborn Care Center for the Washington, Virginia and Maryland region.

Williams manages the daily clinical operations of her department including staffing schedules and patient flow, collaborating with doctors and other clinical managers, and leading staff and patient safety initiatives.

“Nia works with her colleagues to ensure excellent care,” said Sharon Wright, who was clinical operations manager before Williams. “Other lactation consultants look to her as a resource and leader in the Baltimore region. She collaborates with many professionals, including pediatricians and hospitalists, who trust her clinical skills and judgment.”

Williams, a native of Bermuda, has a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Andrews University in Michigan, a master of public health degree from Loma Linda University in California and a master’s degree in nursing education from Walden University.

Williams says nursing shapes your integrity, builds confidence, sharpens your moral compass, and makes you more organized and a better communicator.

“Nursing encourages you to think outside the box at all times because the people we serve do not come to us for a one-size-fits-all plan of care,” she said. “By tapping into emotional intelligence and an empathetic spirit, nurses are able to connect with people they serve, understand their needs, and provide the quality care they deserve and respect.”

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's Health Care Heroes awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.