Catching up with past Circle of Excellence scholarship winners

Including 2020, The Daily Record has awarded 18 scholarships to a college student as part of the Top 100 Women program. That accounts for $54,000 awarded to outstanding students. Many of them are now in
the legal, health care, education and other business fields, while others are continuing their education.

We asked the past scholarship winners to send us a video explaining the impact the scholarship had on them and what they are doing now.


2003 Elizabeth Huntley, University of Maryland

Huntley was the first scholarship recipient in 2003 and used the money to go on volunteer trips. For the past 12 years she has worked for AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company where she leads communications and change management for the biologics manufacturing division. She said she’s been able to connect with many Top 100 Women alums through her community work too.

“I can still remember being on stage that night, surrounded by a group of incredible women and being totally in awe of them and their accomplishments. I can also vividly remember thinking that I really should have invited my parents to come to the ceremony, they lived in Connecticut, and I truly had no idea what an incredible honor it was until I arrived that evening.”


2005 Anna Barvir, College of Notre Dame of Maryland

Barvir attended law school graduating in 2009 and is now a practicing attorney with Michel & Associates, P.C. in California. For the past decade, she’s specialized in constitutional law and civil rights litigation.

“At 21 years old, the Circle of Excellence scholarship was the honor of my young life and most meaningful recognition of the combination of my years of service to school, church and community. At 36, the award remains one of the most cherished achievements and fondest memories.”


2012 Meghan Tait, Washington College

Tait is working as a financial advisor and partner with the Financial Coach Group a retirement planning firm in Westchester, Pennsylvania where she started after graduation.

“I look back on the Top 100 Women event, very fondly. To be surrounded by so many smart, impressive, successful, and really just nice women was truly empowering. … Here’s to the next 25.”


2013 Lunden Hawkins, Towson University

Since winning the scholarship, Hawkins has moved to Hawaii, is married and is completing her doctorate in clinical psychology.

“Not only did the scholarship put me on the road to becoming a doctor, but it showed me the power of representation and what women can do when we come together and uplift one another. It’s an honor to me in the company of such amazing women.”


2016 Chloe Scott, Hood College

Scott used the funds to pay for classes for the law admissions exam.

“It truly affirmed that I was doing what I needed to and being surrounded by so many trailblazing women continued to affirm this.”


2017 Mollie Cueva-Dabkoski, Johns Hopkins University

Cueva-Dabkoski, used the scholarship funds to move to Mexico and work with a migrant rights organization in Mexico City but with a connection in Baltimore. She now lives in New York city and is a paralegal with the ACLU working in the women’s rights project. She most recently worked on a campaign against sexual harassment at McDonald’s. She has been studying for the LSAT and plans to apply to law school this fall.

“[While in Mexico] I supported intake efforts and advocacy efforts around getting better protections for migrant workers who pick our food in the United States who contribute in such a large part to the functioning of this country and who are often abused in the process.”

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