Off the Record with Sloane Brown: Calvin Butler


Calvin Butler Jr. is the inaugural guest on Off the Record, Sloane Brown’s twice-a-month series of video interviews with Maryland leaders for The Daily Record.


Butler, BGE’s former top executive and a hugely visible presence in Baltimore for years, is now senior executive vice president of Exelon and CEO of Exelon Utilities. It’s a job that vastly expands his reach at the largest utility in the U.S.

In a far-ranging interview, Butler talks about his views, as a prominent Black business leader, on the death of George Floyd and the inequities in policing in America. “It’s nothing new,” he says. “What’s new is that it’s being filmed.”

On how the national movement to address inequality and racism has affected him: “What I’ve  recognized  is that I’ve existed in  corporate America for so long I’ve learned how to deal with it. And as a result of that, you get hardened to what is around you.”

While he applauds the national conversation underway on race, he says it’s not enough: “We just can’t sit back and have a conversation; it has to have some action.”

Butler also talks about the challenges of leading a company that has most of its employees dealing with the public during the coronavirus pandemic and how he’s had to make his own adjustments since taking over his new job a few months ago.

“All the great plans that I had laid out had to be changed,” he says.

Next month, Sloane chats with Michelle Whelley of the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore and Todd Marks of Mindgrub.

This item is part of The Daily Record’s video series, Off the Record with Sloane Brown.