FEATURED MOVER | Neil Duke, Johns Hopkins Health System

Neil Duke has joined the Johns Hopkins Health System Legal Department as the new practice group leader and chief legal counsel for employee affairs and accessibility coordination.

Immediately prior to joining the health system and over the course of his 20-plus years of private practice, Duke specialized in handling complex civil-jury trials and advised on complex workplace issues at the Baltimore law firm Ober Kaler.

Prior to that, he served as an investigator in the federal government, and as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force, where he specialized in the investigation of fraud, waste and abuse.

Neil Duke

Neil Duke, practice group leader and chief legal counsel for employee affairs and accessibility coordination with Johns Hopkins Health System


Resides in:

Baltimore County


Bachelor of Arts from The Citadel; Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law

If you had not chosen law as a profession, what profession would you choose and why?: 

Probably an FBI Agent.  Federal investigations was my background prior to law school and the practice of law.  So, had I continued in that line of work, my career progression probably would have led me to seek employment with the Bureau or some other similar federal agency.  I enjoy the investigative effort that goes into solving things.

Favorite vacation:

All time favorite? Hawaii, without question.

When I want to relax, I … :

I turn off my laptop.

Favorite book:

If I’m to judge my favorite book on my ability to pick it up every few years to re-read, and feel as though I’m enjoying it for the first time, I would have to say ”Beowulf,” as translated by Seamus Heaney.  It’s an absolutely entertaining work of art.  The additional plus is that John Gardner authored a subsequent work, entitled “Grendel,” which is equally mesmerizing, and retells the saga of Beowulf, but from the perspective of “the monster.”

Favorite quotation:

“Be kind.”

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