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Communications and Outreach Manager
Wheelabrator Technologies

urban-mary-headshotMary Urban recently changed jobs and is the communications and outreach manager for Wheelabrator Technologies.

“To be recognized among recipients who have made such significant impacts on our state is a huge honor,” Urban said.

She said her greatest professional accomplishment was working across the state to get same-sex marriage passed by the legislature in 2012.

Previously, Urban served as director of client services at Adeo Advocacy. There she guided corporate and nonprofit clients in advocacy programs at the local and state levels.

It’s there that she puts her knowledge of grassroots strategies and paid media programs to work for clients involved in high-stakes regulatory processes and public education campaigns.

Through it all, Urban tries to bring her authentic self to every conversation she undertakes.

Those conversations happen where her work takes her — at the intersection between the public and nonprofit sectors, where some of the most important support services, nontraditional partnerships and educational opportunities occur.

“In each interaction, I bring an eagerness to learn and a humble admiration for community leaders in hopes of creating a genuine experience for growth and partnership,” she said.

This work allows companies to amplify, through volunteerism and financial support, the work that community members do in their neighborhoods each day, she said. “I have been able to learn from community members … about the ideas for bettering neighborhoods, and connect them to resources for even more success.”

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2020 VIP List awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.