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Brandon Bellamy
Chief Executive Officer
The Velocity Companies

bellamy_hs-4As chief executive officer of The Velocity Companies, Brandon Bellamy brings over 30 years of real estate development, investment and private fund management experience to the helm. He “couples a unique knowledge of market-rate and affordable housing development and a superior understanding of financial engineering to impact existing and developing communities.”

Bellamy and his company are spearheading the Hampton Park project in central Prince George’s County, Md. The sustainable LEED project is “an environmentally responsible, quasi-urban pedestrian friendly, revitalization of the 25-acre site, formerly known as Hampton Mall.” The mixed-use development project will create an estimated 2,200 jobs.

“Recently, I am most proud to have finally broken ground on the Hampton Park project in Prince George’s County. We went through just about everything getting the deal closed. Our team demonstrated tremendous resilience and grit as we were pushed to our limits. We stuck it out, together. The project expanded my understanding of the power of collaboration and my team has a new standard moving forward,” Bellamy said.

The project had such an impact, in fact, that Bellamy credits his biggest success as “not going out of business before closing” on the project. The result, Bellamy said, is that “our business is better, our team is stronger, and our goals have been set higher.”

Bellamy is the recipient of the Globe Street Opportunity Award and is frequently requested to speak on the topic of underserved communities.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2020 Excellence in Construction & Real Estate awards.


  1. Marie Bitar Laroche

    Attention to Honorable Brandon Bellamy

    I just read an article about you and Velocity COS as the CEO of a Real Estate & Development Company Headquartered in Maryland. I am glad the owner of the universe guide you to be one of the greatest Man and I appreciate the fact that you want to share your knowledge with other Human Beings is a plus. You see the communities as a whole, when you start sharing, you start a healthy business practicing that will lead to multiple businesses. May God Keep Speeding You! What I am asking you if to help me with a book about my pain and suffering bying my first home in Maryland that will help to solve some problems with inspection declined fraud, ratified HUD Housings illegally and Cases mandated, denied, unreported to conceal the Deed of Trust. I know I can be the change we want to see. I am struggling with social injustice, racial discrimination and systemic oppression. I need your help.

  2. Good morning Mr. Bellamay,
    Welcome to our beloved Gaston County! We are very excited that you have taken the FUSE project up and as the new owner of the baseball team, we are excited to be able to continue to attend baseball games with our kids and grandkids. Baseball has been an integral part of our life for a very long time and we enjoy the sport tremendously.
    As I was reading about the various local businesses that may have drink and food to offer to the spectators, I see that one very important company was left out. The first local brewery that sold beer at the ballpark and has won BEST of GASTON BREWERY the last 4 consecutive years was not listed. They are Ole Dallas Brewery and they have the best beer as voted by citizens of Gaston County. I hope you or someone in your organization will reach out to them and at least give them the opportunity to be a part of the businesses at the ballpark. This is a small family/friends owned business that takes much pride in its product. Beau Norwood is one of the co-owners and makes the beer. He worked with the previous owner of the ballpark to get the first beer garden opened. He can be reached at the brewery at 704-266-1472 or I think it would be a shame not to have them included in your list of local businesses, they may be small but they are mighty! Thank you for your time.