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Stephanie Caronna
Leasing Representative
St. John Properties Inc.

caronna-stephanie_headshotStephanie Caronna was first drawn to leasing because of the relationship-building aspect of the job.

“You get to work with people from so many different backgrounds and a variety of different businesses, which gives you that broad overview of so many fields that you otherwise would not get to have that exposure to,” she said. “… I am in a role where I am constantly learning something new every day, and I get the opportunity to always be meeting new people while also maintaining relationships with clients and teammates and brokers and all those folks involved in our field.”

Caronna joined St. John Properties Inc. in 2016 as a leasing assistant and was promoted within a year to her current position of leasing representative. She earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland in 2019.

“I’ve always been somebody who intrinsically wants to work hard and learn as much as I can about a particular field,” Caronna said. “I really like knowing I am able to bring more businesses to the state of Maryland, which I think has a positive ripple effect on our state and our communities. I also really like knowing that the harder I work, the better I will become and a stronger asset I will be for my team, so it is very rewarding.”

For a decade, she has volunteered with the Baltimore-based nonprofit Thread Inc.

“I really believe that everybody has great things to contribute beyond just what we do with our 9-to-5 (job), and I don’t want to take my opportunities and privilege for granted, so the least I can do is spend some of my time trying to make the world a little better than I found it,” she said.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2020 Excellence in Construction & Real Estate awards.