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Dr. Hoda Bastani

Dr. Hoda Bastani

Associate Chief Medical Officer

Johns Hopkins Healthcare LLC

bastani-hodaDr. Hoda Bastani, a pediatrician who started medical school when she was 17 years old, is fighting for change in health care. She wants the 400,000 members of Johns Hopkins Healthcare LLC to have equal access to medical care.

“Social factors like race, level of education and economic status are known to be risk factors for illness,” Bastani said. “Unfortunately, the reality has turned into something that is taken for granted in the world of health care and the assumption has become that this will not change.”

Bastani started her career providing primary care to children and training doctors in rural Honduras, Rwanda and Haiti before working for nine years in a clinic for children near Washington. She has also fought to improve access to healthy nutrition in inner cities, taught cooking classes to promote healthy eating habits and been a legislative advocate for pediatrics and preventive medicine.

As the associate chief medical officer, she is promoting clinical, data-driven strategies to improve members’ health and prevent disease, she said.

Bastani knows making change is a slow process.

“I believe change starts with challenging assumptions, working incrementally and celebrating even small achievements on the path to major change,” she said.

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