Todd Kosakowski | Monte Restaurant Development Group

kosakowski-todd-monte-restaurant-groupTodd Kosakowski was appointed managing partner and franchisee at Annapolis-based Monte Restaurant Development Group, parent company of Italian fast-casual restaurant chain Squisito.

Kosakowski will also assist in the operations of Squisito Too, the build-your-own concept spinoff.

Kosakowski, a successful, self-made entrepreneur based in Bedford, New York, will join forces with the Squisito ownership team, Gennaro and Michele DiMeo, to aid in propelling forward new corporate Squisito locations in order to further the brands’ national footprint. Additionally, Kosakowski will also serve as the main franchisee for the restaurant’s upcoming expansion into the New York market.

Kosakowski has served as an area developer for multiple million-dollar hospitality clients including Wahlburgers, owned by famous celebrity siblings Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, where he aided in building four locations and overseeing all legal aspects, leases and funding.

As a restaurant developer for the national dessert destination, Sugar Factory, Kosakowski worked with Simon and Westfield Malls along the East Coast to manage operations. Additionally, he was responsible for negotiating the merger of East Coast Saloons and Post Road Entertainment, the latter of which he was an original founding partner. The merger has generated a yearly revenue of $72 million.

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