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Off the Record with Sloane Brown: Dr. Harsh Trivedi, Sheppard Pratt

Sloane Brown speaks with Dr. Harsh Trivedi, president and CEO of Sheppard Pratt.

This item is part of The Daily Record’s video series, Off the Record with Sloane Brown.




  1. Bridgetta Bourne-Firl

    The Off the Record interviews are not captioned? I wanted to watch the Sheperd-Pratt Hospital CEO interview but couldn’t access to it because it is not accessible to me as a deaf person relying on captioning and/or American Sign Language interpretation. Can you please assure access if you want the general public and subscribers to continue to appreciate your programs. If need help with that, let me know and I can try to find resources. Thanks!

  2. Dr. Trivedi has quite a bit of experience in healthcare management and psychiatry. Hopefully his caring is genuine and not just because of his job. With compensation of over $900k a year I suppose he must be doing something right.