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levin-barryBarry F. Levin

Managing Partner, CEO
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr

As the managing partner and CEO of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, Barry F. Levin believes in leading by example.

He’s done that in part by providing new and enhanced opportunities in the Baltimore-Washington area and throughout Maryland, supporting lawyers as they rise in the profession and encouraging active participation in the greater community through service on a variety of boards.

Levin himself is the chairman of LifeBridge Health Partners’ Oversight Committee, and has served in a variety of roles there since 2014. He’s also served as the vice chairman of the board of directors for Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, at the Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, the Northwest Hospital, Carroll Hospital and the Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation.

As a mentor, soon after Levin took on his current professional role, he met with the firm’s diversity and Inclusion committee and developed a plan to attract and grow not just high-profile partners, but younger associates as well. The plan they set in motion is alive and well at the firm today and has allowed many diverse attorneys to grow and develop into highly productive partners, role models and leaders.

When the pandemic struck in March, Levin had to move 900 or more people in the firm to a work-from-home environment in four business days. The company has since created programs and processes to keep everyone connected and productive. The firm also added and enhanced employee resources, including a new parenting resource group.

Levin said he’d advise folks starting out in their business or legal careers to set a foundation based on their highest moral and ethical values “… who you are at your core when nobody’s watching.” From there, set career and personal goals, develop plans to achieve them and focus consistently on implementing them, he advised. “Above all, keep your family a priority in your goals, as they and your career are intricately intertwined.”

Above all, keep your family a priority in your goals, as they and your career are intricately intertwined.”

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