Hogan scheduled to have surgery for cancerous cells Friday

Gov. Larry Hogan announced that he was scheduled to have surgery to remove cancerous cells on his face and shoulder on Friday. Hogan made the announcement during The Daily Record’s Eye on Annapolis Summit before the opening of the legislative session.

“I didn’t think it was serious but I want to be straight up and tell you that I just got results of the little thing that they did — the biopsy — and I do have early stage squamous cell carcinoma,” said Hogan. “On Friday I’ll be going in for a minor surgery to remove that from my face and shoulder.”

Hogan brought up the surgery at the tail end of a 30-minute interview noting that he had been asked in December about a small bandage on his face that was mostly hidden under a face mask. The governor usually wears masks to his news conferences but removes them when speaking but did not during a Dec. 17 event.

“That’s very observant of you,” Hogan told a reporter at the time when asked about the small bandage on his left cheek.

In early 2018, Hogan was treated for basal-cell and squamous-cell skin cancer, which is the second most common form of skin cancer.

When asked if at the time if that skin cancer had returned, the governor described it as a small, precancerous growth, something common for “those of us who are old and spend a lot of time in the sun.”

“That’s what I thought the story was a couple of weeks ago,” Hogan said.

But on Wednesday, the governor said he was revisiting the subject because of the results of the biopsy and need for additional treatment.

“On Friday, I’ll be going in for minor surgery to remove that from my face and my shoulder,” said Hogan, again describing the diagnosis as “not serious” and “early stages.”

When asked if the new bout with skin cancer would require additional treatment beyond the surgery, Hogan replied: “I’ll know more after (the surgery).”

Hogan’s communications director Mike Ricci later tweeted that Hogan was to have outpatient surgery for early stage basal and squamous carcinoma on his face and shoulder. It’s a form of skin cancer he’s had before.

“The governor is a big believer in the importance of early detection,’ Ricci said in the tweet.

Senate President Bill Ferguson and House Speaker Adrienne Jones said they had not been told of the governor’s health issue before his announcement Wednesday during their segment at The Daily Record interviews.

A few weeks ago at a news conference, The Daily Record’s government reporter Bryan Sears asked about a bandage he saw on the governor’s face. At the time Hogan said he had some skin removed that he thought was precancerous but announced Wednesday that he doesn’t expect to need further treatment than what he described as “minor surgery.”

Hogan bandage

Gov. Larry Hogan is seen with a bandage on his face at a news conference in December 2020. On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, Hogan announced that he was having surgery on Friday to remove early-stage squamous carcinoma from his face and shoulder. (The Daily Record photo)

This is the third time Hogan has announced a cancer diagnosis including the two bouts of skin cancer.

In June 2015, Hogan was diagnosed with B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, five months into his first term. Later that year, he announced he was in complete remission after months of chemotherapy.


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