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SHIFT managing partner releases new book

Daily Record Staff//January 26, 2021

SHIFT managing partner releases new book

By Daily Record Staff

//January 26, 2021

Andrew Freedman, the managing partner of SHIFT Consulting and an affiliate faculty member at the University of Baltimore, released the book, “Thrive: The Leader’s Guide to Building a High-Performance Culture,” along with Paul Elliott, president, founder and chief performance architect at Exemplary Performance LLC.

book-310The pair share the insights they’ve drawn from extensive experience with change management, organizational development and performance consulting in their new book. It provides leaders with a clear blueprint for building a high-performance culture. Freedman and Elliott share their systematic approach, known as the Exemplary Performance System (EPS), which enables leaders to take immediate action to shift workforce engagement and performance. These methods can be applied across industries, says Freedman, within companies of any size.

Freedman is a lifelong advocate for maximizing human potential and creating positive change, personally and professionally. At SHIFT, he’s been a driving force in designing systems and strategies that provide leaders a foundation to translate individual, team, and organizational talent and potential into tangible business results. Freedman’s continued goal is to use his insatiable passion for human performance to inspire new generations of business leaders with the art and science of creating and executing successful, people-focused business strategies.

Working across sectors (financial services, high technology, telecommunications and more) and functions (sales, product development, customer service, operations and management), Elliott leverages his experience with Fortune 500 organizations to help clients achieve exceptional results by optimizing the performance of teams and individuals.


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