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Continental Realty Corp. No. 23 on national multifamily management companies

Continental Realty Corporation (CRC)  ranked 23rd in the country for the company’s Top 100 Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient (epIQ) Index score, as compiled by and SatisFacts.

Baltimore-based CRC, which owns and manages approximately 10,000 apartment homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States, received the national honor for management companies in the largest category. Rankings are released twice annually to reward companies who consistently deliver the best experience for their residents and overall satisfaction throughout their entire stay.

CRC scored 87.06 on the epIQ Index, a single performance metric powered by verified ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts data points that is designed to function as the most authentic, transparent and actionable industry metric for renters and multifamily professionals, according to the research sponsors. The Index is measured over the previous 365-day period and is comprised of four primary variables: (1) Renter Ratings, (2) Review Count, (3) Manager Review Engagement and (4) Manager Review Reply Time. Information is compiled based on average ratings from renter reviews, number of reviews received, percentage of reviews with manager responses, and average manager response times as compared to all other communities.

ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts provide this epIQ Index metric, according to the groups, to “bridge the gap between renters and management by providing a reliable way for renters and industry operators to determine how well a community or portfolio of communities meets the needs and expectations of its current, past and prospective residents.” This information and its data points enable onsite and corporate management teams to “identify opportunities, create action plans and develop effective behaviors that will improve resident satisfaction and help achieve management companies’ goals,” according ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts.

CRC also earned an overall epIQ grade of “A” in the survey for its portfolio of communities. The average grade assessed for the more than 140,000 communities surveyed by ApartmentRatings is a “C.”

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