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Mia Millette was appointed CEO of Skyline Technology Solutions, the first female in that position in the company’s history.

Prior to her appointment, Millette served as COO of the Maryland-based information technology company since 2018. She succeeds company founder, Brian Holsonbake, who will transition from CEO to chairman and now focus on advancing Skyline’s long-term strategic initiatives.

A Maryland transplant from the small Pennsylvania manufacturing town of Perryopolis, Millette knew from a young age she was destined for a career in technology. Her passion for the industry was ignited in second grade when she successfully coded a sequence that made a figure dance across the screen of her school’s early model Texas Instruments computer. She is very passionate about sharing her love of technology and inspiring others to pursue STEM as a career and loves that she was introduced to computers by a female, Carol McFarland, her second-grade teacher.

Prior to leading Skyline, Millette held a wide variety of roles in information technology, including those in executive management for the past decade. Previous employers include GANTECH, where she held roles including director of strategic operations, vice president of strategic operations and vice president of managed services.

During the first nine years of her career, Millette started out at System Automation Corporation (SA), where she held positions as software developer, business analyst, project manager and manager of application delivery. She highly regards her years at SA due to the people she worked with, the experience of the national customer-base served and the technical acumen gained which all formed a solid foundation for her to excel in the later years of her career.

Mia Millette, CEO of Skyline Technology Solutions

Mia Millette, CEO of Skyline Technology Solutions


Resides in:

Ellicott City


Bachelor of Science in computer science from Indiana University at Pennsylvania; Master of Science in computer systems management from University of Maryland Global Campus (formerly known as the University of Maryland University College).

Women in CEO positions have been underrepresented for decades, so what business climate conditions need to change to see more females leading companies in the future?

I think it starts early in school – and, I think we are doing a good job of demonstrating the art of the possible to our kids today and need to keep doing so. Having more woman in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) enables younger generations to aspire to be just like them and follow in their footsteps. So, the women before me and the women today need to continue to lean in and drive change. I think as more woman get opportunity to lead and find success, the opportunities will continue to grow.

If you had not chosen your current profession, what profession would you choose and why?

Bed and Breakfast owner. I’ve always dreamed of having my own B&B serving my customers and providing the ultimate experience that blends my passion for beaches, boats and making breakfast – all surrounded by amazing technology.

Favorite vacation:

I love to travel with my family. Some of my favorite vacations have been to tropical locations. Give me clear water, sun, and 80 degrees on a beach or boat any day! I also enjoyed our family trip out west to Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. Who knew hiking and looking at rocks could be so much fun?

When I want to relax, I … :

I love being by water so relaxing can be floating in the pool, going out on my SUP board on the Chesapeake Bay, or just curling up by the fire watching TV.

Favorite book and music:

My favorite book is “Principles,” by Ray Dalio – I love someone who is direct, articulate, and gets to the point. My favorite music is anything 90s alternative and my favorite band is the Clarks – a group from Pittsburgh. Their sound just makes me feel at home!

Favorite quotation:

I’m a huge Peloton fan and have a wall of quotes from the instructors in my office as my constant reminder – they are all very motivational. Here’s one of my favorites: “Success is not linear. Success is when you fall and have the courage to get back up. When you keep pushing through. Trust in the process. Embrace failure and appreciate the wins along the way.” -Robin Arzon

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