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Calvin Ball 


calvin-ballCalvin Ball was elected county executive in 2018. He has been serving Howard County since 2006 as a member of the Howard County Council.

He is a former county firefighter and emergency medical technician who served as a three-term councilmember. He made history in 2006 when he was elected as the youngest council chairman ever in Howard County.

A certified mediator since 1998, Ball has worked as a mediator for the Community Mediation Program and the Maryland State Human Relations Commission. He has also been an assistant professor at Morgan State University.

What are your hopes for the state or your community this year?

After a year of physical distancing, financial challenges, racial reckoning, political division, and revelation of the mental and physical difficulties many of us face, my hope is that, as we beat COVID-19, we break down more barriers and combat isolation, expand economic prosperity and wealth building, embrace inclusion and unity, improve access to affordable health care and become a healthier more well society, and that reinvigorated compassion and understanding become the foundation upon which we can grow even better, brighter tomorrows for all.

How do you unplug in your free time?

I enjoy watching movies, eating good food, and spending time with my family to recharge and fully embrace the opportunities the day has for me.

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