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Céline Dufétel


dufetel_celineThe best piece of advice Céline Dufétel ever received was from her father, who would say that “in life, there are no problems, only opportunities.”

Dufétel used that advice to carve out a successful career and on Feb. 11 was named chief operating officer of T. Rowe Price Group, the Baltimore-based manager.

In 2017, Dufétel had been named chief financial officer and treasurer of T. Rowe Price Group Inc. She is a member of the firm’s management committee.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

My most important career lessons started with my father. He believed that in life there are never problems, only opportunities. He taught me to slow down and see the opportunity in any presented problem. He also taught me that leaders never stop learning, and great leadership comes from taking the time to understand one’s opportunities for growth and improvement, work on them and also build teams that complement individual talent and strengths.

Who have been the biggest mentors in your career?

It is hard for me to name just a few of my mentors. My network of mentors has evolved over the course of my career.

Early on, I sought out leaders who had mastered skills that I wanted to develop. At this point in my career I have built strong relationships, both mentors and friends, that I rely on for advice when I am facing important decisions or challenges.

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