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Peter Briskman


briskman-petePeter Briskman’s primary focus as executive managing director is on tenant advisory services, working with tenants locally and nationally on complex real es-tate and leasing strategies for headquarter transactions, relocations, build-to-suits, renewals, expansions and consolidations. His expertise includes strategic real estate planning, municipal incentive negotiations, lease structuring/transactions, portfolio management and capital markets investment sales.

Recognized nationally, he was named by Real Estate Forum magazine as one of the “35 Next Generation Real Estate Professionals in the Country.” He was also the recipient of GWCAR’s Commercial Leasing Broker of the Year and awarded with GWCAR Office Leasing Transactions of the Year.

What have you seen in the transformation in the last 20 years, specifically in the biohealth industry?

Well, it has matured. When I first started, it was mostly early-stage companies, one landlord, and maybe 20% of the footprint for existing lab buildings. And fast forward to where we are now, we’ve gone from maybe 3 million square feet to 10 million square feet along the I-270 corridor.

What do you see for the next year, or three to five years?

I still see some good M&A activity today and well into the future. Our researchers at JLL, they say that that’s a trend that’s going to continue into the future, because there has been a shift from big companies to small companies producing more products. I think they mentioned that 70% of all biopharma products are produced by companies with less than a billion in sales.

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