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Philanthropist donates $1M to Global Virus Network

Philanthropist donates $1M to Global Virus Network

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The Baltimore-based Global Virus Network (GVN), a coalition of the world’s leading medical virology research centers working to prevent illness and death from viral disease, Tuesday announced the donation of $1 million to support GVN’s Academy, an initiative that fosters global collaborations by providing training and mentoring programs for rising junior virologists.

With the new funds, GVN launches the GVN Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and the GVN Rising Star Program. The charitable contribution is especially meaningful as the GVN marks 10 years since top virologists from more than a dozen countries ratified their participation in, and support of, the then newly created GVN at the inaugural meeting at the Embassy of Italy in Washington.

During the inaugural meeting 10 years ago, GVN members identified a global shortage of rising virologists in basic, clinical and translational research, particularly in low income countries.   Since then, GVN senior virologists have committed to sharing their invaluable expertise with junior virologists through mentorship and intensive training at the GVN to better prepare the next generation against global viral threats.

The GVN Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program will train two postdoctoral researchers during a two-year term with the option to rotate among two GVN Centers of Excellence.  Participants of the program will engage in GVN annual and regional meetings during their two-year term, exposing them to top virology experts and cutting-edge research initiatives.  Fellows may also collaborate with GVN’s growing list of industry partners.

The GVN Rising Star Program will mentor 15 bright, junior scientists over the course of two years and match each mentee with a GVN senior virologist to provide one-on-one research and career guidance.  Participants of the program will also engage in the elite GVN annual and regional meetings.

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