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FEATURED MOVER | Cindy Plavier-Truitt, Humanim

Daily Record Staff//March 16, 2021

FEATURED MOVER | Cindy Plavier-Truitt, Humanim

By Daily Record Staff

//March 16, 2021

Cindy Plavier-Truitt was named president and CEO of Humanim, the Maryland-based nonprofit.

She succeeds Humanim’s longtime CEO, Henry Posko, who retired in September.

Plavier-Truitt has worked at Humanim for 32 years and had been serving as Interim CEO following her predecessor’s retirement.

Plavier-Truitt has created and led major initiatives across all of Humanim’s programs and divisions, including human services, workforce development, clinical services, and social enterprise. Humanim is a diverse organization that supports and empowers individuals who face social or economic challenges, by building pathways to economic equity, opportunity and independence.

Cindy Plavier-Truitt, president and CEO of Humanim,


Resides in:



Received both my BA and MA from Goucher College as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from Johns Hopkins University.

If you had not chosen your current profession, what profession would you choose and why?

I would have chosen to be a choreographer.  I have been a dancer my entire life performing professionally in modern dance companies in Baltimore and Washington.  Expressing my creativity whether through motion or design is important to me. Of course, I get to express my creativity every day in my job which makes Humanim such an amazing place to work.

Favorite vacation:

Most favorite vacation – St. John, US Virgin Islands

When I want to relax, I … :

Get outside! In the woods, in the garden, watching birds, by the water.

Favorite band, books:

How can I not be cliché and expose my Jersey side – Favorite band: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  I have so many favorite books I couldn’t begin to pick just one (as evidenced by the piles throughout my home, office and even my car!)

Favorite quotation:

“Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be” – Clementine Paddleford.   I first saw this hung on our former CEO’s (Henry Posko) wall as I exited his office. It was right about the time when we embarked on the restoration of the American Brewery Building in east Baltimore. Our work is hard and every day we are required to conjure up our fearlessness to do what is right, to push boundaries, to fiercely advocate for those we serve and to be a catalyst for change.

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