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What’s your tech stack?

generation-jd-jessica-markhamI recently learned a new expression: “tech stack.”

I am in several lawyer Facebook groups. Law firm owners. Law moms. Local lawyers. Statewide family lawyers. It’s almost amazing how different the attitudes and discourse are.

In one of the groups someone asked each person to share their “tech stack,” meaning what apps or programs they use. I made a list and it took me a while. I came up with 22 applications we use at the firm on a near daily basis. By reviewing the lists of others, I also came up with two more that I want to look into, one for scanning mail and one for automating naming conventions.

I’m bringing this up in this blog because I think that young lawyers often struggle with confidence and figuring out where to fit in organizations that are full of more senior attorneys and infrastructures that existed long before they came along. Sometimes it feels like you’re the weakest link. But one thing you can most likely offer is a willingness to embrace technological innovations.

So, I encourage each of you, especially those of you at law firms that have been around a while, to investigate new technologies that you can use in your practice. Even if your managers don’t want to try them, there are plenty you can use yourself, and so many are free or cheap to use!

Some of my favorite free ones are Canva, Asana and Slack. Try them out, improve your productivity and creativity and show your law firm what you have to offer! If you find any others you LOVE, please send me an email and tell me about it!