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New habits in our post-COVID life


I asked my almost 8-year-old daughter what I should write about for an audience of a bunch of lawyers. She said, “How about: Spring is bringing excitement to lawyers.” Maybe I’m plumb out of ideas or maybe she’s a genius, but that seemed dead accurate to me.

Is anyone else already starting to plan their post-COVID existence? I am getting lots of “when this is all over” planning emails. Lunches, bar association events, happy hour requests, to be scheduled later.

This is definitely making me take stock a little, of all the changes to our work life that have occurred in the past year. It also makes me think about the changes I want to keep around when the office finally reopens. The past year has definitely shaken up lawyers and law firms and “the way we do things.”

The obvious answer is LESS PAPER! One thing I’m going to keep up, is making sure all CLE related resources are scanned and saved and easy to locate when needed. Another is being more liberal about working from home, particularly when someone feels under the weather. Since apparently people work from home and the world keeps turning! Finally, I want to keep doing zoom meetings and mediations. These are the first three to come to mind, but I am sure there are many more.

What new habits do you want to keep? Drop me a line and let me know at