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Angela Alsobrooks

Daily Record Staff//May 14, 2021

Angela Alsobrooks

By Daily Record Staff

//May 14, 2021

Angela Alsobrooksalsobrooks-angela

County Executive
Prince George’s County Government

The past year has added a level of stress to the daily lives of business leaders that was unimaginable before March 2020. As someone who has sustained achievement, what advice can you give to the Top 100 Women on how they take care of themselves while trying to help so many others (home, work, community)?

We all know self care if critical, but also very hard in stressful times. It’s OK to take time for your- self because you can not care for others if you are not caring for yourself. Be sure to block out time to do something that brings you joy or helps you relax, such as spending time with family, reading a new book or catching up on a TV show. Giving yourself time to relax will better help you serve your community.

How do you and your other Circle of Excellence honorees use your influence and achievement to help the women who want to grow to your level of success?

Throughout history, women who have broken barriers and achieved new milestones have always made sure to reach back and lift up other women, creating opportunities for future generations. It is critical to provide opportunities for qualified women at all levels to take on new positions or challenges that will help them grow in their careers.

What do you see as the greatest issue afecting professional women today and how do you and other leaders lead change around this issue?

Even though it has improved significantly over the past decade, women still do not have enough seats at the table in most professions across the nation. Women have been overrepresented on the frontlines of this pandemic, but underrepresented in the decision-making bodies dealing with the pandemic response. Again, it’s up to those of us in positions of leadership to create more opportunities in these professions for other women to rise through the ranks.

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