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Camille Guevara Fesche

Daily Record Staff//May 14, 2021

Camille Guevara Fesche

By Daily Record Staff

//May 14, 2021

Camille Guevara Feschefesche-camille-guevara

Partner & Co-Chair of Government Relations Division
Rifkin Weiner Livingston LLC

How do you establish a strategy for diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization?

Employers need to demonstrate a commitment to finding and hiring a diverse workforce and after a new hire comes on, the team needs to mentor the new hire and ensure that they blend well with company culture and feel supported in their career so they thrive.

What are your thoughts on how we work together so everyone knows Women are Essential in the workplace, and we must make growing women leaders a priority?

We need to understand that our employees are shouldering a tremendous burden. We need to trust that our employees will get their work done, but we need to give them the flexibility to do that work in their own way. It also requires a lot of communication and listening.

What advice can you share to help impact not only the younger generation but also the women who are trying to grow in their careers and create positive change?

My advice is to constantly fight to achieve the life and career you want. If your position doesn’t feel right, take a chance and try a new career or job. Never allow yourself to become stuck. Ask for advice from women and men you respect as you progress through your career. Find a position that allows you to bring your true self to work and gives you the flexibility to spend time with your family.

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