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Gina Richmond

Daily Record Staff//May 14, 2021

Gina Richmond

By Daily Record Staff

//May 14, 2021

Gina Richmondrichmond-gina

CEO and Founder

What have you had to change during the past year to make sure you were still “serving,” even if the approach had to change?

I was accustomed to “volunteering” at various organizations on a regular basis, but with social distancing and shut- downs, it became hard to continue. I craved a way to help people in need and feel like I was giving back in some small way. I launched an initiative to provide pro bono marketing and communications strategy and support for small businesses and nonprofits that wouldn’t typically be able to afford my services.

What about your leadership style has helped grow your career and how have you had to change your leadership role/style during the past year?

Leading with empathy. In my opinion, empathy is the top skill for managers and leaders. In order to fully lead someone, you need to fully understand how each of your employees are motivated, how they are feeling and understand their unique situation. The pandemic was one big test in empathy. Before giving any feedback, I sat and empathized with that person and where they were at that moment. The results were a fully trusting and engaged staff during one of the most uncertain times we’ve ever faced.

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