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Harolyn M.E. Belcher, M.D., MHS

Daily Record Staff//May 14, 2021

Harolyn M.E. Belcher, M.D., MHS

By Daily Record Staff

//May 14, 2021

Harolyn M.E. Belcher, M.D., MHSbelcher-harolyn

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
Kennedy Krieger Institute

What about your leadership style has helped grow your career and how have you had to change your leadership role/style during the past year?

On self-tests of leadership style, my leading characteristics were “Thinker” and “Persister.” I believe I use these characteristics to create transformational environments that foster mentorship and innovative ideas and strategies to promote health, equity, diversity and inclusion. Visioning what is possible. Listening and paying close attention to what is happening in the present, learning from the past, and envisioning equitable and healthy learning, living and work environments for all people.

How do you define mentoring and what steps do you take to ensure it is a priority and just part of your job duties?

Mentoring is foundational to the work we do at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Mentoring is a shared learning experience based on open communication and trust between the mentor and scholar (mentee, student, employee, trainee, faculty member). Culturally congruent mentorship includes: promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion; ensuring mutual understanding and expectations; developing academic and professional goals; supporting independence, self-efficacy and leadership; and facilitating professional development, sponsorship and self-advocacy.

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