Jackie Lopezlopez-jackie

Premier Enterprise Solutions LLC

The past year has not only been challenging with COVID-19 but we have also faced race and discrimination challenges and realities as a state and a country. How do you establish a strategy for diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization and how do you use your influential voice to help others understand the importance?

To intentionally build a diverse company, we employ diverse recruitment and training strategies. We go to where the under-represented communities are; recruit the non-traditionally educated and trained; and support initiatives committed to education and equity. As a frequent speaker, I seek to emphasize the fact that organizations that embrace ethnic, gender and socio-economic differences, are more innovative, creative and competitive. True diversity and inclusion help to rid organizations of implicit bias and cultivate a comprehensive and realistic worldview. This builds better businesses.

What advice can you share to help affect not only the younger generation but also the women who are trying to grow in their careers and create positive change?

Fear is an emotion and not an indicator of what is true. Don’t let fear stop you. Failure is a perceived outcome. Redefine what failure is and grow from the experience. You will be underestimated. Use it to your benefit. Be yourself, but grow into the best version of yourself. Get a mentor(s). Be adaptive. Separate your identity from your business. Become as knowledgeable as possible about your industry and business. Prepare. Don’t procrastinate. Have clearly defined core values. Love what you are doing/building or you won’t have stamina for the journey.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2021 Top 100 Women awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.