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Kathie H. Okun

Daily Record Staff//May 14, 2021

Kathie H. Okun

By Daily Record Staff

//May 14, 2021

Kathie H. Okunokun_katie_08

Okun Financial Group, Inc.

The past year has made us all face change in ways we did not know were possible. What are the tools you use to embrace change and to help your team navigate that change with you? What are you doing to lead important change in your organization and/or Maryland?

We have added more technology, including Microsoft Teams. The past year has added to the efficiency of our practice. We have all embraced the upgrades and changes, and also have grown because of the implementation of such.

As women leaders, it is our role to help grow the next generation of leaders. What advice can you share to help impact not only the younger generation but also the women who are trying to grow in their careers and create positive change?

Get educated, stay on top of your game, know your client, always be positive, lend a hand to others in need and never give up. Make sure to take time with family, as they are not “around forever”, and make sure to take a little time for you as well.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's Top 100 Women awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.

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