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Kathy Mignini Walsh

Daily Record Staff//May 14, 2021

Kathy Mignini Walsh

By Daily Record Staff

//May 14, 2021

Kathy Mignini Walshwalsh-kathy-head-shot-2021_final

Director of Marketing & Communications
The John Carroll School

What have you had to change during the past year to make sure you were still “serving” even if the approach had to change?

For me, 2020 gave me more opportunities to serve than ever before, from supporting local businesses and frontline workers to being even more involved working with area nonprofits thanks to the efficiencies afforded by Zoom and other online platforms. It also allowed my family to take on more service projects, from collecting items to donate to local nonprofits to delivering special gifts to people who needed an extra boost during these trying times.

What about your leadership style has helped grow your career and how have you had to change your leadership role/style during the past year?

I am a firm believer in the Richard Branson theory that if you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. And it has never been more important to take care of employees than in this past year, when people were asked to adapt to a completely new way of doing business while facing tremendous personal losses and fear. I am blessed with a fantastic team who stepped up and went above and beyond in the best interest of our students; the least I could do was offer as much support as possible and lead by example, which has been very effective.

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