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Shantell L. Roberts

Daily Record Staff//May 14, 2021

Shantell L. Roberts

By Daily Record Staff

//May 14, 2021

Shantell L. Robertsroberts-shantell

Touching Young Lives Inc.

What have you had to change during the past year to make sure you were still “serving,” even if the approach had to change?

One of the changes that come to mind for me is having to be intentional and innovative in my approach around maximizing the various virtual pipelines and platforms for receiving and disseminating communications to the various communities that I serve. While the climate changed from mostly in-person options to periods of exclusive virtual platforms, the level of accountability from community stakeholders — while with grace — still existed. So, learning to maximize those nontraditional virtual pipelines was vital to ensuring that service was still taking place.

There are so many issues legislators are tackling in the Maryland General Assembly and in various organizations statewide to create change and help people succeed both at work and at home. Can you share some issues you are passionate about and how our network of women leaders and attendees tonight can make a difference and become advocates for change?

Community service is a large part of my personal and professional DNA so some of the community issues that made local, state and national attention such as the existence of food deserts, complexities surrounding the digital divide, and the implications of underfunding for public education were not new. With the successful veto override by the Maryland General Assembly, the historic Kirwan investment is very exciting as we continue to explore the future of education and what that holistically looks like for students; especially those in areas of the state that have been historically unfunded.

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