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Ferris wheel to be moved from Ocean City Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY, Md. — A historic amusement park in Ocean City has agreed to move a Ferris wheel that’s overhanging the Boardwalk and violating the town’s zoning code.

The Big Wheel has been shut down, but news outlets report that the town will continue to issue fines until the Ferris wheel is off the Boardwalk, which is town property. Park officials told the town they’ll dismantle the 149-foot-tall wheel on Monday, Ocean City spokeswoman Jessica Waters said.

Trimper’s Rides received its first fine over the weekend for violating the town’s right of way on the boardwalk and the company said moving the wheel and other rides could cost more than $100,000. A surveyor contracted by the company found that the ride is at least 10 feet over the amusement park’s property line, town leaders who reviewed the findings said.

Ocean City officials said they support the Ferris wheel but told Trimper’s that it couldn’t stay in that spot.

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