Attention Maryland attorneys: Help us assess the state of your profession

Tom Baden//June 16, 2021

Attention Maryland attorneys: Help us assess the state of your profession

By Tom Baden

//June 16, 2021

We know the coronavirus pandemic affected the legal profession, just as it did professions of every sort in Maryland. But in what ways?

  • Was a solo family law practitioner in Frederick County affected in the same manner as the criminal defense attorney in a midsize firm in Bethesda?
  • How deeply has the pandemic touched the practice of an employment attorney in Baltimore, compared to an attorney working for a government agency in Annapolis?
  • Did the impact fall in different ways on younger attorneys, compared to veteran practitioners?
  • Who was able to work from home, and who wasn’t?
  • Who was ready to hop on Zoom for depositions?
  • Who is signing a new lease for office space, and who is scaling back?

The Maryland State Bar Association and The Daily Record hope to provide some answers to these questions. The two have partnered to survey Maryland attorneys in a wide-ranging poll, “The State of the Profession: COVID-19 and Its Aftermath.”  You’ll be receiving an email invitation to participate in this survey in the coming weeks.

In this survey, we examine the pandemic’s impact on the practice of law across the full spectrum of the industry. What was the impact of court shutdowns? How did firms and solo practitioners adapt? What changes might become permanent? How did the pandemic affect your bottom line – and your emotional equilibrium?

While the results of the survey will be shared with our readers and with MSBA members, your identity will be kept confidential. Your honest feedback is critical to the success of our project.

This research will be the first in a series of annual surveys that explore different core elements of the “State of the Legal Profession in Maryland.” Additionally, we will offer a once-a-year survey in the late fall that gives attorneys a chance to share insights on the economy and economic trends they are seeing in their own practices.

Please join us. If you don’t receive an email invitation and would like to participate, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for your participation.


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