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Dave Sweiderk

President & CEO

sweiderk-daveDavid Sweiderk was named president and CEO of SECU in 2018 after serving as executive vice president and chief operating officer at Arizona’s OneAZ Credit Union. Through his leadership, SECU successfully exceeded $4 billion in assets and ranked among the top 60 credit unions nationwide. Sweiderk has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry and has served in leadership in several financial institutions.

During the pandemic, Sweiderk and SECU’s more than 260,000 employees delivered over $400,000 of relief to SECU members, the community, small businesses and school systems, while also maintaining the credit union’s financial strength. “SECU’s biggest success to date is our overall response to the pandemic as we were faced with unprecedented challenges. With many messages, coming from different directions, we remained focused in what we believe and did what we do best, we led with our hearts and served with an extraordinary amount of empathy,” he said.

How did the pandemic change your industry?
I believe the pandemic changed many things in our industry and provided acceleration for others. For example, it was the impetus our industry needed to improve existing digital solutions and accelerated our need to provide new ones. It became critical to offer contactless banking options that did not force any compromise in the member experience. It’s also exciting to see how remote working has proved successful for many and, over time, has positively impacted work-life-balance, provided more opportunity and increased productivity.