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Janet Currie

Greater Maryland Market President
Bank Of America

currie-janetA 28-year employee of Bank of America, Janet Currie became the Maryland market leader in March 2021.

In addition to leading the Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank’s operations here, she is responsible for the bank’s community outreach efforts in Maryland, which include addressing social concerns and increasing economic opportunities.

What was your organization’s biggest success or shining moment during the pandemic?
The steps we took for the well-being of our employees and our communities were shining moments. We quickly moved to transition about 85% of our employees to work from home, providing that opportunity to any teammate who identified as high-risk regardless of role. To ensure our employees maintain access to critical medical resources, we have provided no-cost telehealth resources with 24/7 virtual access to general medicine doctors and mental health specialists, home delivery service of preventive prescription medications with a temporarily-waived refill waiting period and no-cost coronavirus testing. To help address the personal impacts the environment has had on teammates and their families, we have expanded our back-up child care for employees in the U.S.

How were you able to find time for yourself and your friends/family during the pandemic?
Not having to commute or as many evening events allowed me the opportunity to take more walks with my husband. In addition, my college students were attending school remotely, so it created more bonus time with them. On the other hand, I did miss seeing my mother. … My family and I were able to surprise her on Mother’s Day 2020: we brought gifts to her home, put them on the porch and then stood in her yard and telephoned her letting her know there was a package outside for her. She was delighted. I think the important thing to learn is that something good can come from every situation, if we allow ourselves to experience that goodness.