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Patty Tuttle

Maryland Regional President
Wells Fargo Bank

tuttle-patty39mfPatty Tuttle took the helm as the Maryland Regional President for Wells Fargo when the banking giant was experiencing a publicity nightmare. Despite the troubling times, Tuttle worked to ease concerns of customers and employees, and successfully outlined a plan to move forward.

Tuttle began her career at Wells Fargo as a part-time teller and has worked her way through the ranks, in various roles, over 30 years. She was named regional president in 2017. Tuttle has served on many boards and commissions, and is a member of Diverse Abilities and Wells Fargo’s women’s team member network.

She has credited her success to the relationships she has nurtured through the years. As a leader, Tuttle encourages employees to explore professional development opportunities, and is committed to building an inclusive and diverse workforce. Her original career path was a high school English teacher, but she was called to the financial profession. However, she believes that education is key, especially for youth, so they understand how to manage finances and how to set themselves up for success.

While Wells Fargo has seen the growth of competition in the region, Tuttle sees it all as an opportunity to improve – especially from the perspective of serving customers.

Tuttle received her bachelor’s degree in business and management from Liberty University.