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Ryan Rhodes | Hotel Revival

rhodes-ryan-hotel-revivalRyan Rhodes was named director of content and sonic identity with Hotel Revival.

In this newly created position, Rhodes, more commonly known as DJ Impulse, will develop original content for the hotel’s owned media channels, including the social media accounts for the hotel, Topside and B-Side, telling the stories of Hotel Revival to increase awareness among external audiences of the company’s impact efforts and partnerships as well as an inside look at the hotel’s facilities and offerings to generate corporate and social bookings and individual reservations. To support this, Impulse will oversee all photography and videography for the hotel as well as the sonic identity.

A Baltimore native, Rhodes has more than 20 years working in dance clubs and parties to working with global brands such as Nike, Red Bull, Food Network and MTV. Recently, he curated a selection of music for the newly opened ‘Dashery Café, located on the ground floor of Hotel Revival.

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