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Dr. John B. Chessare

Dr. John B. Chessare

President and CEO
GBMC HealthCare

Dr. John B. Chessare began his medical career as a pediatrician but saw an opportunity in hospital administration after experiencing and witnessing the shortcomings of health systems. Now, as the president and chief executive officer of GBMC HealthCare, Chessare is focused on improving the health system so that health care providers and staff can remain focused and dedicated to patients.

Chessare led efforts to create patient-centered medical homes that provide advanced primary care throughout 10 sites in Baltimore County and city. He also developed home elder medical care for senior citizens and improved GBMC health system’s integrative and palliative medicine programs.

When COVID-19 hit, Chessare delivered bimonthly updates to staff and patients about the virus, its impact on the GBMC HealthCare system and how the system was responding. Recognizing that the GBMC medical staff were facing extraordinary stress, Chessare worked with leadership to ensure staff had resources available – such as counseling and spiritual guidance – to support them. And when the health system experienced a systemwide cyberattack in the middle of the pandemic, Chessare led efforts to get the system back online, while maintaining a positive outlook among the stress and exhaustion.

“My board wrote our vision statement and this phrase – ‘to unite us in the moment, to every patient, every time, we will provide care like we would to our loved ones’ – that’s how I get through my day, by reflecting on that statement,” Chessare said in an “Off the Record” interview with Sloane Brown.

Chessare joined GBMC after working as a consultant with regional and national health care organizations focusing on operational changes to improve patient flow and patient satisfaction while reducing costs. He hopes that the state of Maryland will continue to strive for value-driven health care.

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