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Ed Mullin

Ed Mullin

Vice President and CIO
Think Systems Inc.

Ed Mullin considers himself a fixer. As vice president and chief information officer of Th ink Systems Inc., Mullin and his team are the brains behind long-term technology strategies for Fortune 1000 companies. Mullin considers Think Systems as a best-kept secret and his job to make sure that more people know about their capabilities and expertise.

Seventy-five percent of software and information technology projects fail, but Mullin excels in helping businesses align business strategy with software and information technology implementation.

Mullin is no stranger to the information technology and software world, as he is also the executive director of the Baltimore Robotics Center and has led software development teams at Fortune 1000 clients such as Becton Dickinson, Under Armour, Geico and UPS. Mullin excels in matching business needs with technical architecture.

He also serves as the co-chairman of the advisory board of workforce development organization, Year Up Baltimore, and recently led eff orts to connect graduates with employers. Th is is not the first time Mullin lead eff orts to help students. Early in the pandemic, Th ink Systems joined forces with technology leaders to establish highspeed internet access and provide free laptops to students in Baltimore so they could continue to learn from home.

Mullin holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Loyola College in Baltimore and has worked at Maryland fi rms such as UPS-Roadnet, Becton Dickinson, CMSI, PHH-Element, Catalyst Research, SMC-SAIC, Hartman Executive Advisory and SC&H Group.

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