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Ellison Anne Williams

Ellison Anne Williams

Founder and CEO

As a veteran in the cybersecurity industry, Enveil founder and CEO Ellison Anne Williams has spent countless hours troubleshooting ways to keep data secure. Williams spent more than 12 years working for the National Security Agency when she worked with homomorphic encryption – the key to her company’s success. Shortly aft er, Williams created Enveil, a private cybersecurity company that uses homomorphic encryption to protect and secure data while it’s being used or processed.

Data, when it is being used or processed, is at its most vulnerable stage, the point of least resistance for an attacker, Williams stated. Enveil’s solution ensures that the processing data is encrypted to avoid any potential cyberattacks from hackers.

When the pandemic hit, many health care organizations looked to and relied on their technology to care for patients, but the rise in technology dependence also deepened the need for data security. However, Williams’ homomorphic encryption technology has been a game-changer for privacy and security.

While the pandemic was a challenging time for Enveil and its customers, Williams embraced flexibility.

“I often describe our company as being built on math and grit, but I believe that spirit, a willingness to persevere despite setbacks, was at the heart of my leadership style during the past year,” she said.

Williams has remained steadfast in her pursuit to build and improve her company. Despite the setbacks the pandemic brought, Williams and Enveil’s technology are sought after by some of the largest industries, including finance, banking and health care.

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