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Kevin J. Pearson

Kevin J. Pearson

Vice Chairman
M&T Bank

After working for Citicorp Credit Services and Citibank Private Banking, Kevin J. Person joined M&T Bank in 1989 as part of the Private Banking Division, in New York City.

He held several leadership positions with M&T in New York and Philadelphia before joining the company’s management committee and being named executive vice president in 2002. He was named a vice chairman in 2014 and to the board of directors in 2018.

Pearson also is a trustee on the boards of Mercy Health Services and the Park School of Baltimore.

Asked what management style has been most effective during the pandemic, Pearson said he has relied on the same inclusion-based style throughout his career.

“There is something powerful about including more people and their different ideas and perspectives that helps to lift up organizations,” he said. “I will champion any causes that foster the creation of environments that allow for inclusion on this grand scale. It’s how you eventually get to the best solution for what you’re trying to solve.”

The pandemic, Pearson said, showed businesses they needed to listen to their customers and employees in different ways, as their needs and demands changed.

M&T Bank, he added, had people who could work quickly to keep up with and anticipate the changes, and he could work with those people and “connect their work to the goals and objectives of the entire organization.

“I can help to look at a particular challenge and see it in a bigger context, how it relates to our mission and then to help make sure the work gets done,” he said.

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