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Ronald Attman

Ronald Attman

ACME Paper & Supply Co. Inc.

As co-CEO of ACME Paper & Supply Co. Inc., Ronald Attman’s primary focus throughout the COVID-19 pandemic was promoting positive attitudes throughout the company and keeping his team safe and healthy.

“Many of the businesses that ACME Paper serves were closing down or cutting back,” he said. “I kept all lines of communication open to address any and all concerns. I also evaluated the landscape at the time and decided to emphasize our strengths on providing products to help our clients maintain healthy facilities to ensure the health of their employees and patrons. In doing so, we also rebranded what we knew as our janitorial division to Hygiene and Facilities Solutions.”

Attman credits his father with influencing him on what leadership means. “While growing up, I observed how my father worked and carried himself,” he said. “He treated everyone equally and always maintained a positive outlook on life which I’ve continued as my own philosophies today.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Attman notes the most effective management style has involved collaboration and positivity. “I realized from the beginning of the crisis that it was important for our associates to have a leader who maintained a positive attitude,” he said. “… I also make sure that everyone at ACME has a voice. Great ideas come from all facets of the company. Before making a major decision, I make sure everyone, no matter their position in the company, has an opportunity to offer their input.”

Attman also gives back to the community including serving as a director-at-large for The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore and as a board member for Northwest Hospital.

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