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Wes Guckert

Wes Guckert

President and CEO
The Traffic Group

Since founding the Traffic Group in 1985, Wes Guckert and his Baltimore-based company have played a role in more than 8,000 projects across the country as well as in numerous other countries from Mexico to South Africa to China.

Affiliated with the American Planning Association, the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Transportation Research Board, Guckert is often asked to speak, judge or comment on his passion at various industry conferences, award programs and in trade journals.

His leadership style, Guckert said, is the same as other successful people: Treat your team as team members, not employees.

“It becomes very easy to become a boss and not a leader or a manager,” he said. “If you step back and watch and look and listen and allow other team members to fail or to make mistakes and then to assist them to correct those mistakes — that type of management style, I believe, is always effective.”

During the pandemic, the possibility of any of his employees having to suffer through loss of income or worse drove him to “move our company forward during difficult times,” Guckert said.

It was about five years aft er he founded his company that Guckert realized he could help others succeed — both his employees and from a philanthropic point of view.

“Once I realized that it is not all about accumulating things and wealth, and that it is about sharing what you have with others, I became aware that I can effectuate change through caring and sacrifice,” he said.

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